April 2012 Mixtape

Here the link for my april mixtape

Download Link


2-Ness And Attemporal-Acid Signal-Synewave
3-Rod-MLMKFR-Field Records
4-James Ruskin & Mark Broo-The Future That Was (Original Mix)-Blueprint Records
5-Unbalance-Fluid (Manzel Remix)-Mutex Recordings
7-Shifted-Leather-Mote Evolver
9-Jerome Sydenham, Function-White Light (Planetary Assault System Remix)-Ibadan Records
10-Eigenes Rezept-Numb (Brian Burger Remix)-Blind Spot Music
11-Xhin-Through The Lines-Token
12-Mike Parker-Pulse Trader-Prologue
13-Perc-You Saw Me (Sigha & Truss Remix)-Perc Trax
14-AnD-HG09_A1-Horizontal Ground
15-Bill Youngman-Wespe-Killekill
17-Deepbass-Process-Informa Records
18-Shifted-Lexis-Mote Evolver
19-Roberto Bosco-Charming Noise-Figure SPC
20-Psyk-Third Trail-Figure
21-Ben Sims-Straight From Bolivia-Theory
22-Xhin-The Realm-Tokena
23-Orphx-Devourer-Sonic Groove
24-Tex-Rec-Decompressed-Silent Steps
25-Shifted-Relict-Mote Evolver
26-Sigha-How To Disappear-Hotflush Recordings
27-Brendon Moeller-Wanderer (Fuck Yeah Vinyl Mix)-Electric Deluxe
28-Absent, Diego Hostettler-She’s Not Worth It (Alternative Mix)-Damage Music Berlin
29-ASC-Revelations-Perc Trax
30-Mays, Eigenes Rezept-Pena-Blind Spot Music
31-Subjected-008.B_V2-Vault Series
32-Virgil Enzinger, Submerge-Destroyer Of Worlds (Kyle Geiger Remix)-Nachtstrom Schallplatten
33-Developer-Sin Luz-Semantica Records
34-Deepbass-Orion-Informa Records
35-Xhin, Lucy-LX5-CLR
36-Monolake-Discontinuity-Imbalance Computer Music
37-Orphx-Cut Through-Sonic Groove
38-Drumcell, Brian Sanhaji-Structure (Dub Version)-CLR
39-The Nighttripper-Phuture (Robert Hood Remix)-Underground Liberation
40-Robert Hood-Power To Prophet-M-Plant
41-Go Hiyama-Geometrical-Audio Assault
42-Robag Wruhme-Bortonkk-Boxer Recordings
43-Omar S, Ob Ignitt-Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Omar S Mix)-FXHE Records



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